Thursday, January 31, 2013

Show Us Your Life - Singles Day - Meet Jonathan

I have followed Kelly's Korner for a while now and have followed several rounds of Singles Day.  I can't believe I can finally join in and introduce you to my cousin, Jonathan!   (Pardon the fact that I'm hijacking this crafty blog of mine.  Our family blog is private, so I'm taking over my crafty space for one day!)

I mentioned the Show Us Your Life Singles Day to Jonathan a few months ago and was so happy when he told me to go for it!  You just never know who might read this and how the Lord might work through this simple online introduction.  So here we go!

Jonathan is 34 and lives in Greenville, SC.  He works in IT with the county school system and has been in this area for four years.  He's originally from New Jersey, graduated from Campbell University, and has lived in the Carolinas since then.  His easy going personality made him a perfect fit in the South.  That, and his love of sweet tea!  He is an animal lover, likes to cook and try new recipes, and keeps up with all the techy/computer/gaming stuff that I know nothing about.

With his niece.
This may sound cliche, but I couldn't be more genuine when I say Jonathan is one of the nicest people I know.  Everyone in our family agrees, too!  He is kind and patient, a natural teacher, and he has an effortless way of just simply fitting in and helping out wherever he is needed. 

Jonathan is more like a brother to me than a cousin.  I was so excited when I found out he was moving to Greenville a few years ago and we could be closer to each other.  Having family close by is such a blessing.  We enjoy dinners together and he is so great with our two-year-old daughter.  He is her favorite babysitter and it brings me such joy to watch him read stories to her, play games, and just love her like crazy.
Having fun with my daughter.

With his niece and nephew at the beach.
With his mom.

If you are reading this and interested in contacting Jonathan you can email him at or leave a comment below about how to contact you.