Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thread and Bobbin Storage

I found this blog post for thread and bobbin organization at The Creative Homemaker via Pinterest.  The husband built the shelf for me, I painted it and added the nails for bobbins, and then he hung it for me last weekend.  Although my favorite part is the tip about using plastic tubing to wrap around those loose bobbin threads!  I found 5/8 inch (outer diameter) tubing at Lowe's for about $0.60 per foot.  I only used a few inches so far.

About 90% of this thread came with Grandma's sewing stash with her machine.  I think she liked blue and green, don't you?

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Melony Scholte said...

This is my favorite thread holder so far in my searches! Anything you would change now that you have used it a while?